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Gensokyo Radio App Now Available
LunarSpotlight  2019/08/03

During Redditaisai last month, we publicly announced the launch of our brand new mobile application for Android.

Getting to this point didn’t happen overnight. We started development in May and stepped through 11 incremental builds. We worked with a couple groups of testers sourced from LSM and the community, and the feedback we received helped to eliminate the majority of issues we found along the way.

The app as it is right now checks all the boxes in terms of what we felt were essential to include in an initial release.
  • Users are able to listen to the station anywhere internet access is available
  • Rating songs on the app is as easy to do as it is on the website
  • The app will continue to play music in the background or while the device is idle
  • Users can browse through music circles and albums similar to the website
  • The app will notify you about live shows and events so you don’t miss out
  • Some additional Touhou flair has been thrown in (thanks Nano!)

  • We’ve said it before, but app development is hard. The demand for an app has been around for years, and we haven’t thought about it seriously until this year. Now that it’s out there, well… there’s still more work to be done, honestly. We have a laundry list of things we feel the app still needs, and we’ll be considering suggestions we’ve received from our listeners.

    One ongoing effort is translation and localization. We have a small handful of languages completed, but we're always open to additional help.

    Do you have an idea for an app feature or want to help out with translation? Let us know below! And if you’d like to try out the app, you can do so by clicking here.