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GR Live #128, #129, and #133, plus New Music


Written by LunarSpotlight
Monday, 09-Oct-23 22:50:03 UTC

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Jack-o-lantern? More like lots-o-lives! This week, we broadcast our 133rd episode of Gensokyo Radio Live, plus we published two podcasts for episodes #128 and #129. For more info, read on!

Live #133 was broadcast this past Saturday, just two weeks after #132, and featured a bunch of new music which has yet to hit the station, but will soon. Lunar, DMJ, and Nano chilled out and chatted about current events, played a music game, and talked about a game of Touhouvania fame, “Koumajou Remilia: Scarlet Symphony” now available on Steam.

Speaking of new music, there’s quite a roster of circles this time around, with some new and familiar names including:

  • 5150
  • Akatsuki Records
  • AliceBox
  • Applice
  • Assaultdoor
  • Carrot Wine
  • Clockworks Tracer
  • Crescentia
  • Crest
  • Fox Factory
  • Foxtail-Grass Studio
  • Ganeme
  • Kissing the Mirror
  • Komeiji Records
  • Lapis Moss
  • Phoenix Project
  • Ryuuha mitsuki
  • Shinigiwa Satellite
  • Shoujo Fractal
  • Sound Sepher
  • Tamaonsen
  • TAMusic
  • Tatami Stugiwo
  • Toranoana
  • Unchiku Company
  • Undead Corporation
  • Yuuhei Satellite

Finally, Live #128 and #129 have both been published as podcasts. These are the TouhouFest Recap and Summer Variety Show episodes, and you can find them via our site, app, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

That’s all for this week, check out our past episodes if you haven’t tuned in before, and thanks for listening!

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