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GR Meetup #29 & A Focus on Lurkers


Written by LunarSpotlight
Tuesday, 03-Oct-23 03:13:54 UTC

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This week, we held our 29th Meetup event via Discord Stages. For more info, read on.

We kept it relatively light this week with one of our monthly events running on Sunday. During Meetup #29 titled “Lurkers: Assemble”, we talked about the benefits and drawbacks of lurkers from a general perspective as well as within the context of our Discord community server and radio station. If you missed out, you’ll need to wait for the podcast episode to be published for the full details, but here are some key takeaways from the event:

  • Lurkers make up the majority of user bases, audiences, members, and customers across most services on the internet. As such, their presence is valuable and appreciated.
  • Lurkers can and do help promote services through word-of-mouth marketing by telling their friends and family, and this can take place as a natural extension of daily conversation.
  • Having a larger percentage of lurkers using a service can make that service appear to be unused or inactive despite the contrary being true. Despite having over 3,200 members on Discord, more than 98% of Gensokyo Radio’s Discord members are lurkers, making it a bit too quiet for new community members.

We’ve managed to keep our space clean and tidy which can provide a great template for a welcoming community, but keeping it lively requires work from everyone, and not just those who manage or moderate the space. We can make categories and forums, suggest ideas for threads and topics, and remind folks that we’re always working on things behind the scenes, but it is ultimately up to you, our listeners and fans, to get involved and be a part of it.

That’s all for this week, we hope to see more folks participating in the coming days and weeks, and don’t forget to join us during the Live this Saturday. We’ll see you there!

[Knowledge #136]

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