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Roles, Ratings, Translation, & Shipping


Written by LunarSpotlight
Sunday, 03-Dec-23 23:38:48 UTC

This week, we’d like to remind folks of a few ongoing tasks ahead of the new year, plus we’ll give a brief update as to the status of shipping orders from last week. For more details, read on!

Several months ago, we updated the roles structure on our Discord community server to manage channel access. To review, the legacy roles system required one to have a specific role in order to gain access to specific channels such as #photography, #folding, or #coding. A Discord update made it possible to select which channels you want to have show up without needing a role via the “Channels & Roles” tab near the top of the channel list (go check it out if you haven’t).

In early January 2024, we’ll be removing the old roles for channel access. As a result, those who have not selected channels will lose access until they re-select them using Discord’s “Channels & Roles” system. We recommend grabbing channel access now before the old roles disappear.

As we near the new year, we’d like to remind folks to submit song ratings while you still can for the Top 100 of 2023 list which will be published in January. You can do so via the website and PWA app. With the PWA, there are three different star colors:

  • Gray stars: never rated
  • Blue stars: rated in a previous year (won’t count towards this year’s Top 100 list)
  • Gold stars: rated in the current year

You can always rate a song again or change your rating as you see fit.

Our community-led translation project is ongoing, and we’re always looking for additional languages to add to the list! If you’re interested, please hop in the translation thread on Discord and our staff will help get you started.

Finally, some orders made during our Cyber Monday sale are still pending as we had so many orders, we ran out of shipping supplies. We’ll be getting the rest of the orders out this coming week.

That’s all for this week, remember to rate songs this December, and thanks for listening!

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