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Server Transition
By LunarSpotlight - October 12th, 2016

Greetings, listeners.

Last weekend during Live #49, we mentioned we were starting the transition process in moving to a new web server. At this point, this has been mostly completed, but with a few tangles which we are still combing out.

Most notably, there are two independent station servers this week; the original server and the new one. This small overlap gives us a chance to inform listing services such as TuneIn, Anime Music Radio, etc. about where to look for our station since the IP changes with the move. Next weekend (10/15/2016), the original station server will be shut off and we will be 100% on the new server.

This transition comes after experiencing recurring issues with our previous provider's service and billing. We asked the community via a Twitter post back in June about this, and the consensus was to try to ride out the issues and see if they improved. But once our provider started billing us for services we didn't order, we decided to jump ship.

The new server is hosted in Quebec, Canada and offers roughly 7-8x the bandwidth capacity that the old server did. That means the new server can carry 700 - 800 simultaneous listeners. So basically, as long as their service is good, we will likely remain on our new server for good. I mean, we would have to get almost as popular as AnimeNFO before having to worry about bandwidth. Crazy, right?

As far as the Live Info system that I'm sure people are wondering about, Nano and I have been working every evening since the move to get things ironed out. The server move forced us to update roughly 1800 lines of legacy code across more than 200 files which help to serve the website and station. Frankly, the fact that we have a station that's working and a website that you can browse is nearly a miracle. So please bear with us this week as we patch things back up, and we'll be back to normal status before long.

Thanks for listening! ~

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"Touhou Orchestral Suite ~ Grand Fantasy" by crescentia
Posted by DMJ654, October 8th, 2016 @ 10:53am UTC

Orchestral pieces tend to be the hardest genre for me to review. The music is not about innovating the genre, but painting a picture in the mind of the listener. In order to do that, there are two variables that every great orchestra has to take into consideration. There is the vision of the conductor leading the ensemble. Do they want this piece to be grand, loud, over-the-top romp about the room that portrays an image of a child dancing about a room, or a soft, somber, almost reserved number that paints the picture of a battlefield moments after the fighting stops? After that, you have the talent of the people who are behind the instruments. Some of those people have been playing that instrument for years, honing their craft and playing at their highest level. Do they bring extra fire to the flames? Both the Conductor and the orchestra must be in sync in order for this to work. But what if the conductor and orchestra were one?

Enter, crescentia, where with the power of modern technology, he was able to produce a grand symphony in the span of just 6 months. The album titled "Touhou Orchestral Suite ~ Grand Fantasy" is a journey through Gensokyo. It has this dual feeling to it, half ride through the sky as a bird through the land watching as the daily lives of our favorite Touhous play out, and half walking side by side with the inhabitants going on a grand adventure. If I was with Reimu, I would just bring a pair of boxing gloves because there will be a lot of hit-first-ask-questions-later kind of encounters.

The opening track is a lovely piano arrangement of the Eastern Story theme that almost builds into the second track. The second track titled "the path of wind and stars ~ descendent revelation" is a wonderful rendition of "The Primal Scene of Japan the Girl Saw" and what really makes this once stand out to me is the way it slowly builds into growing crescendos, placing this image into my mind of standing on the Youkai mountains and looking down over the landscape.

One other track I need to point out is the fifth track, "Maiden's Capriccio ~ Battle Concerto." Just the way the drums are playing in an almost militaristic manner, it places this image into my mind of Reimu engaged in some grand Danmaku battle over Gensoyko and it makes me crave hearing crescentia's music in some sort of RPG video game. I know for a fact this already works for games of D&D.

The album as a whole is a wonderful ride and I really want more things out of crescentia. This album, as complete as it is, makes me crave more. I want to keep going on this adventure through Gensokyo and meet new people and explore settings in a way I haven't before. I really hope for a second album.

You can pick this album up on Bandcamp for free, however, I highly encourage you to pay for this album. I assure you this album feels like I should have been charged a minimum of $6.

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Gensokyo Radio is an internet radio station playing some of the best arranges of Touhou music from the global community.

The Touhou Project series of games has held one of the largest presences at Comiket in Japan for more than a decade, and the global community and fanbase for the series is one of the most prolific in the world. As such, there are hundreds of fan circles and thousands of fan-made albums in existence, and Gensokyo Radio aims to promote these circles and groups, the community, and the games themselves through music.