Membership Program by Gensokyo Radio

Gain access to the best of Gensokyo Radio, support our station's ongoing development, and help us continue to keep the fan-made music space vibrant through advocacy by becoming a member listener with Indigo today!

Lossless Stream Access

Gensokyo Radio makes its radio stream available in lossless quality (1411kbps FLAC), engaging listeners in an experience one could only traditionally get from listening to the original CD. (Please note that not all music we play is available in lossless quality, and conversion of our library is ongoing.)

Members will be able to connect via supported third-party applications with a username and pin number. Gensokyo Radio's online player also lets listeners select their preferred stream, and the web app version of our mobile application will as well.

Global Radio Network

Tap into our internet radio network spanning across three continents serving 180+ countries for our most responsive listening experience to date. Sure, audio streams don't really need low latency, but it can help certain edge cases for listeners.

Additional Listener Slots

Member listeners will gain access to four additional listener slots (for a total of five slots), for folks who have more than just one set of ears (or more than one room to listen in).

Discord Role and Badge

Show off your listener status to other fans in our Discord community with a shiny new badge and accompanying role.

Forum Tag and Badge

Our community extends to our forum board, and so too shall your status as a member listener.

Services like Spotify provide premium versions of their service for $9.99 (up to 320kbps quality mp3 streaming), while similar membership programs such as Twitch or Discord Nitro Classic cost half as much.