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Welcoming Our Newest Reviewer & More PWA Progress


Written by LunarSpotlight
Sunday, 30-Jul-23 21:26:23 UTC

This week, our focus remained squarely on our in-development web app, plus we welcomed a new writer to our extended team. For more details, read on!

If you’re not already aware, Gensokyo Radio has had a section for music reviews on our website with the addition of DMJ654 to the station staff since the mid-2010’s. In more recent times, these reviews can be found on our regular (non-Discord) forums in addition to the website.

This week, we welcomed Tempest to our review team who has also been a community moderator for several years prior to this moment. Tempest recently started an independent blog series talking about various Touhou-related songs and albums, and we invited them to share their words with our community through cross-posting. You’ll find his work under our existing reviews section. We’re excited to have Tempest along for the ride, and we hope our listeners will check out their ramblings every now and then!

On the web app front, we worked through user-specific ratings and favorites this week as well as listings for podcast episodes. We have a defined list of items to complete before testing begins in August, some of which include functions/buttons for ratings and favorites, settings, the home screen, and quality selection.

We’re most of the way there with our PWA, so stay tuned for more updates soon, and thanks for listening!

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