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CD Publishing for “11th hour” at TouhouFest 2024


Written by LunarSpotlight
Tuesday, 23-Apr-24 21:16:33 UTC

This week, we completed work on a publishing project for the music circle “11th hour” to be present at TouhouFest 2024! For more details, read on.

We worked with 11th hour to create physical music CDs for three separate albums at 40 copies each for a total of 120 albums (that’s a lot of work for us). In an effort to help promote and uplift independent artists and groups, one of the things Gensokyo Radio has been able to do since the mid-2010’s is create physical music stock for small-batch orders.

Some creators who are just starting out will find it cost-prohibitive to meet minimum order requirements from professional publishing shops. When we first stepped into this space, some shops had minimum order requirements of 1000 CDs at around $8 per CD, and while it’s definitely gotten better since then, it can still be cost-prohibitive for some creators to get started. There are multiple reasons why physical music is still relevant in this space, but for artists and circles attending a physical market, it wouldn’t make much sense not to have physical music available.

Since 2017, Gensokyo Radio has worked with multiple artists over time including Komeiji Records, Higan Daybreak, Yumi Sakata, and 11th hour to publish CDs, and we’ve talked with multiple others who have reached out to us as a potential option in the future. We’ll be bringing along some examples of our work to TouhouFest this coming weekend as an additional talking point at our booth, so if you’re attending, stop by and check out what we’ve worked on!

That’s all for this week, we hope to see many of you at TouhouFest this weekend, and thanks for listening!

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