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Live #125, Meetup #20/24, & Discord Server Updates


Written by LunarSpotlight
Monday, 22-May-23 19:45:46 UTC

This week, we began working through our backlog of episodes and published two of them as podcasts, plus we hosted our 24th Meetup event where we fielded ideas for how to improve our Discord community server. For more details, read on!

As we mentioned last week, we’re working through our backlog of Live and Meetup episodes and are gradually editing and publishing them as we’re able. Two episodes were recently published including Live #125 where we were able to catch up with DJ Koishi from the now retired music circle Komeiji Records. We also published Meetup #20 where we discussed the intricacies of assembling our annual Top 100 Touhou Song list each year, posed additional factors for how the lists could alternatively be put together, and discussed why each factor might be a good or bad idea based on relevance, complexity, and other considerations.

This past Sunday, we held our 24th Meetup event and were able to put together an actionable list of ways to update the server and help provide new and existing community members with easier means to start conversations and engage with others. We also focused on helping our community of creators by providing some additional roles to help specify what type of work each person has done or is capable of doing in cases where people might be looking to collaborate on something new.

Below is a list of things that have been updated on our Discord server:

  • Removed role requirements for the #music-history, #folding-team, #album-art, #photography, #coding, and #social channels. These are now opt-in channels accessible via the “Channels & Roles” tab near the top of the channel list. Associated roles will be deleted within the next couple weeks.
  • Updated onboarding to add channels to a user’s list instead of assigning roles for the aforementioned channels.
  • Added an additional screen in pre-join onboarding to better organize information-based channels and roles (such as the Knowledge role).
  • Added new creator-oriented roles “Instrumentalist”, “Vocalist”, “Music Producer”, “Web Developer”, “Game Developer”, and “Graphic Artist”. Suggestions for additional creative roles are welcome.
  • Added an additional screen in post-join onboarding for the aforementioned new roles. You can grab these roles in the “Channels & Roles” tab.
  • Removed public access to the #self-roles (self-roles) channel (no longer needed).
  • Added two additional tags in the #creator-space forum “Looking for Music” and “Looking for Art.”

One of the things this event helped to identify was the fact that Discord has its own first-party method of self-assigning roles. The reason some of our channels had been role-gated up to this point was because we had dedicated time to organizing channels and roles on our own late last year, and about a month later, Discord implemented their Channels & Roles system. This effectively made our fresh implementation unnecessary, but it remained in place up until this point. To reiterate, server members are now able to self-assign channels and roles independent of one another, plus you can view and reselect the onboarding options from the “Customize” tab within the same screen.

That’s all for this week, we hope to see you this Saturday for Live #128, and thanks for listening!

[Knowledge #117]

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