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Mobile App v2 Translation


Written by LunarSpotlight
Sunday, 09-Jul-23 21:55:20 UTC

This week, our focus remained on mobile app development, plus we’re looking into a new path for in-app translations which could later mesh with the main website. For more details, read on!

Our in-development app currently has login/logout, playback, circle listing, album listing, podcast listing, and song history working. Looking forward from this point, there are what we internally call the “detail” screens which list specific albums or podcasts. There are also user-specific screens such as rating and favorite listings per user, plus functionality to allow users to rate and favorite songs in-app is on the list of items to complete in the near-term.

Looking ahead a bit further, we’re considering how to implement in-app translation for v2. The v1 version of our mobile application (currently available on Google Play) is available in at least 12 languages, and translations are implemented natively in Android. Since we’re building a PWA as the basis for v2, we’ll be using a different method of implementing language selection which will likely include an in-app button or list where the user can choose a language (Android automatically selects this using the device’s language prioritization settings without any user intervention; this has caused some user confusion in the past since there’s no way to select a language in-app in v1).

With that said, we’ll be able to use our existing translation table for languages that previous volunteers have provided for us, but it’s likely we’ll need to update or add translations for new functions. The following languages are currently part of our translation table:

  • English (Base language)
  • French (Tempest)
  • German (Ninfreak)
  • Spanish, Argentina (Juan S. J. B.)
  • Norwegian, Bokmål (SesMoge)
  • Norwegian, Nynorsk (SesMoge)
  • Russian (Metahodos)
  • Polish (KagiSame)
  • Dutch (Anseriform)
  • Portuguese, Brazil (porko)
  • Thai
  • Turkish (yusdacra)
  • Simplified Chinese (kiRa Rumia)

We depend on volunteers to help translate the app for the benefit of our global audience. If you’ve helped provide translations in the past, you’re more than welcome to help us update our existing tables. If there’s a language that is not yet in this list, we’re starting to look for volunteers now, and we’ll have a thread in the #Station forum (via Discord) where folks can join up, ask questions, and so on. It’ll be some time yet before we’re ready to accept translation strings, but we’re putting out the call now to prepare ahead of time.

That’s all for this week, stay tuned for more development updates, and thanks for listening!

Link to Discord thread: Translation Thread for Mobile App (v2) & Beyond

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