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M3-2023 Aftermath


Written by LunarSpotlight
Monday, 06-Nov-23 23:07:53 UTC

Over the last few weeks, we took a break from posting updates to take care of a few things IRL including making a visit to the most recent M3 event in Tokyo, Japan. For more details, read on!

M3 (“Music Media-Mix Market”) is a biannual doujin music market event in Tokyo which brings together independent music creators of all sorts. This year, their autumn event occurred between Kouroumu and Autumn Reitaisai, and it was a great opportunity to meet new and familiar circles and faces as well as support their works through purchasing physical albums directly. For our part, we came away with over 50 new albums from the following circles:

  • Amateras Records
  • Bazaar Records
  • Chocofan
  • CXR Record
  • Cytokine
  • dat file records
  • Digital Wing
  • Esquaria
  • Inorai
  • Jerico’s Law
  • K2E Cradle
  • Kanade momoko da yo
  • Liz Triangle
  • Maikaze
  • Paradot
  • Pizuya’s Cell
  • Re:Volte
  • Rolling Contact
  • Shibayan Records
  • Toranoana
  • Tsurushi sho
  • Twilight Frontier
  • Xi-on
  • XL Project
  • Yonder Voice
  • Yuuhei Satellite
  • Zytokine

Additional works from:

  • Hatsunetsumiko’s (Dr. TV)
  • Foxtail-Grass Studio
  • Snow Freques

Some of the works we picked up are rotation-eligible immediately, but many are C102 releases from August and as such will not be eligible until February 2024. You may still hear some of these works appear during our Live events though, so for the next little while, our Live shows will be where you can hear the newest music.

We mentioned it earlier via Discord, but we’d like to provide a point of clarification for those curious about how this trip was made possible. This trip was a personal trip originally planned for April 2020, but was canceled due to world events. It was eventually moved to October 2023 where airfare was covered in full by a long-time friend, general expenses paid for out-of-pocket, and music purchases heavily subsidized by Gensokyo Radio and Indigo memberships. I think it makes sense that additional funds make it back towards supporting the artists, though as stated before, Indigo also helps to fund more ambitious projects internally. Thanks to all of our listener members!

That’s all for this week, look forward to continued regular updates once again, and thanks for listening!

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