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Video Production: Return to Gensokyo


Written by LunarSpotlight
Monday, 11-Mar-24 21:02:12 UTC

This week, we’ve been focused on completing a project that began late last year with the second fully-edited video coming to one of our sister channels, “Channel Lunar.” For more details, read on!

Last October, one of our staff made it back to the town of Suwa in central Japan, a place which has intrinsic ties to some of the characters and themes also found in the Touhou Project video game series

In the video we’ve been working on this week, the viewer will be brought on a journey with the goal of visiting all four of the major shrines in the area, a non-trivial feat considering the distances involved. Sure, one could just take a car, but that would be outside of the spirit of the land in more ways than one. The video will become available in the near future via the “Channel Lunar” YouTube channel, and we recommend watching the first trip’s video before this one becomes available.

The upcoming week is another busy one with a birthday, an anniversary, and a Live show on Saturday to cap off the week. Make sure to tune in if you’re able, and thanks for listening!

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