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Gensokyo Radio Attending TouhouFest 2024


Written by LunarSpotlight
Monday, 08-Apr-24 20:08:43 UTC

This week, we’ve been taking care of some boring administrative stuff, so instead we’ll throw focus to our participation in an upcoming event! For more details, read on.

Last year, Gensokyo Radio took part in TouhouFest’s inaugural event as featured guests, and all four of our active staff members were in attendance. In just a few weeks, LunarSpotlight will return to represent the station with a table space to chat with fans, show off some of our music and merch, and teach people about what the station does. We’re also going to keep things simpler than last year: no on-location Live show, no fancy audio setup, and no stack of huge boxes to ship around for our part.

Additionally, last week’s April Fools short that went out performed unexpectedly well given the channel’s follower count. This was an intentionally poorly-edited short, yet it increased channel engagement in a tangible way. As a result, we may be publishing more short-form clips in the coming weeks and months (but edited for real this time).

That’s all for this week, we’ve got more administrative work to take care of this week (like bookkeeping—real exciting stuff), so we’ll get back to it. Stay tuned for more, and thanks for listening!

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