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Perpetual Dance Party & Operational Cost Reduction


Written by LunarSpotlight
Monday, 01-Apr-24 23:05:36 UTC

This week, we continue to hold our perpetual dance party for all listeners, plus we did some other more boring stuff that helps the station too. For more details, read on!

For April 1st, we threw a dance party which has in fact been running since March of 2011, but many folks haven’t realized it yet. To get the word out there, we hastily slammed together a few clips from our staff at conventions over the years, and now you can check it out as a short via YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. It’s definitely the best short we could have put together. Don’t forget to join said dance party by visiting GensokyoRadio.net!

In other more real news, we’ve been looking into reducing operational costs in terms of our server infrastructure. Since 2020, we’ve seen growth and change in certain usage patterns across the station and website, and we’re rearranging a few things to consolidate server roles while meeting the station’s bandwidth requirements. Gensokyo Radio uses over 2TB of data per month, and this requirement continues to grow over time. Designing a system which allows us to scale horizontally as needed will make it easier to handle growth over time.

That’s it for this week, go check out the memes on the website and in our recently published video on YouTube, and thanks for listening!

YouTube video: https://youtube.com/shorts/0jYnm8-YBlY?feature=share

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