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Gensokyo Radio Turns 13 & Live #138


Written by LunarSpotlight
Tuesday, 19-Mar-24 21:05:26 UTC

This week, we celebrated Gensokyo Radio’s 13th anniversary during Live #138, a double-whammy that’s more rare than a blue moon. For more details, read on!

Live #138 took place on Saturday and included appearances by all four members of the station’s staff. The show also brought along more new music, game news, and station news including its 13th anniversary.

13 years ago, Gensokyo Radio started out as a way for its founders to share works created by independent artists and circles in the Touhou community, and to do so in a way which would properly credit the songs and artists at a time when others would often omit this information. The original founders also wanted to shine a light on newer and less well-known works and artists.

Since its inception, the station has received positive remarks from several artists and groups from all around the world, and we continue to connect with more artists as time goes on. We’re always working to improve the service we provide, get more creators involved, educate the community about the music we play, and provide a space for anyone to get started through our community resources. Thank you to all of our listeners for being a part of it, we look forward to doing more from here forward!

That’s all for this week! We’ve got more music hitting the rotation in the near future, so stay tuned, and thanks for listening!

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