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Mobile App v2 Development & Hats on Sale


Written by LunarSpotlight
Sunday, 02-Jul-23 21:29:44 UTC

This week, we continued working through the next version of our mobile application, plus our baseball caps are now available just in time for summer! For more info, read on!

We started out last week by preparing the mobile framework and announcing an architectural change to our existing websocket endpoint. This week, we implemented the change across our website and in-development app, plus we laid the foundation for using our regular API endpoints and integrated login, session management, and local storage. From here, we’ll be filling out common screens such as circle and album listings, plus we’ll be putting together user-specific screens such as rating and favorite listings to keep on-par with what v1 and our website currently provide.

Compared to native mobile app development, as an experienced web developer, I find working with familiar languages easier which should hopefully translate into a quicker turnaround time. At the same time, I’m using this opportunity to learn something new by using Angular as part of the framework’s language stack.

At minimum, the goal is to produce something called a “progressive web app” with the option to later convert this into native mobile applications for both Android and iOS. The framework we’re using makes this conversion possible, but it’s likely there’ll be some additional work beyond initial conversion to prepare mobile apps for publication. We’ll know more about the particulars when we get to that point.

Finally, we have a couple color variations of our GR logo baseball cap now available! You can find them via our webstore at https://gensokyo.store.

That’s all for this week, stay tuned for more development updates, and thanks for listening!

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