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Live #123 with Punderfullll & Holiday Break


Written by LunarSpotlight
Sunday, 18-Dec-22 21:42:29 UTC

This week, we had the opportunity to sit down with the talented and creative Punderful, continued prototyping album assets for various artists, and began outlining our approach for working on the upcoming web app project. For more details, read on!

For our final broadcast of 2022, we were able to chat with Punderful, a cosplayer and streamer who will also be attending TouhouFest in April 2023 as a featured guest. We learned much about their craft and approach with cosplay, talked about games and their experiences with streaming, and otherwise had fun chatting with a fellow fan of the series. If you missed it or want to listen again, it’ll be available in podcast form next weekend (and earlier to TBS supporters).

The end of the year is fast approaching, so we would like to remind listeners to submit song ratings ahead of our compilation of 2022’s Top 100 list! Every year, we publish a list and video showcasing the top 100 songs as rated by our listeners. Throughout 2022, listeners have been limited to submitting ratings via our website only. While we employ an algorithm to calibrate the weight of each rating based on participation, it is always better to have more people participating. We’ve also had a ton of new music hit the station during this year from new artists and circles. Get your ratings in now while you still can for 2022!

For the rest of December, we’ll be focusing on a couple of projects. One of those is the web app project which we’ll be organizing in a way to allow more community members to get involved. During this project, we’ll be fulfilling a couple of roles as we work through development tasks and help others get started. More information will be available via the #Creators forum over the next days and weeks.

Our other focus will be related to physical production and publishing. We’ve been actively working with several artists over the last few weeks to bring physical albums into the world. Some of these will be sent to artists directly while others will become available via our online store over at Gensokyo.Store. Reception from artists has been overwhelmingly positive so far, and we look forward to sharing their work through ours in the not-too-distant future!

Finally, we’re on-track to update our store with several additional albums next month, so stay tuned for more news soon, and thanks for listening!

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