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News and Reviews Migration Complete


Written by LunarSpotlight
Sunday, 06-Mar-22 20:11:19 UTC

This week, we knocked out two items on our list by migrating news and reviews to our forums. For those unaware, our website has historically had a news archive available on our website’s front page for the majority of our station’s operation, with music reviews joining later on. With the release of GR8, these articles became unavailable and our updates were instead primarily released through our Discord server.

With the migration of station news and music reviews to the forums, we have also integrated previews of the most recent posts on our website’s front page so that visitors may once again learn about what we’ve been up to without signing up for anything else. To make that possible, we also opened up our forums for public access. Migrating news and reviews to the forums also allows members to leave questions and comments much as folks were able to do before. In addition to the articles, we’ve also migrated comments dating back as far as 2012 for the sake of completeness. There’s a lot of history in these older posts, so feel free to read through and get familiar with what we’ve worked on throughout the years.

Migration took up the bulk of this week’s time, with the forum receiving over 400 new topics and posts this week alone. With that said, let us know what you think, and thanks for listening!

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