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Live #126, Double Request Blocks, & Discord Metrics


Written by LunarSpotlight
Sunday, 04-Jun-23 19:25:04 UTC

This week, we published our 126th episode of Gensokyo Radio Live with Medukitty as our guest, ran a couple request block events during the week, and have been tracking Discord metrics all week long with the goal of meeting our minimums. For more details, read on!

Live #126 originally aired in March and featured our second guest of 2023: award-winning cosplayer and idol performer Medukitty! We had the opportunity to sit down and chat about her humble beginnings as well as her role at TouhouFest in April (which we’ve now seen firsthand). Aside from the minor tech hiccup in the first segment, this was a solid show and I hope you’ll tune in to it again! You can find it along with most of our other Live shows on most major podcast platforms.

We’ve been paying special attention to activity on our Discord server this week, so to help things along, we set up a couple of request block events mid-week! These were two-hour blocks which enabled listeners in our partnered Discord server to make song requests and toss their favorites our way. Both events went very well and our blocks were handily filled with music that sits both within and outside of our regular rotation. If you missed out, make sure you’re checking back regularly in our Discord server as these are pop-up events geared towards our most active server members.

Finally, this week has been the final week in a stretch of activity woes for meeting minimum partnership requirements. We’ve been here before, and in the past we’ve decided to use a certain (at) everyone callout to rectify things with immediate results. However, that’s only really a short-term fix. I’ve previously detailed the many ways our Discord server has been updated to accommodate both listeners and creators in an effort to foster a community of collaboration and an increased appreciation for what we all listen to and enjoy.

This week, we needed to hit a minimum of 84 unique communicators, and at the time of writing, we’re just barely passed that at 91. The normal threshold we should be working to meet consistently is upwards of 50 unique communicators, and for a server like ours with regular events and additional opportunities for members to interact, this shouldn’t be an issue. For some additional stats, only about 1.4% of server members communicate per week on average, and we have over 5x as many readers/visitors as we do communicators.

Additionally, if every new member that had joined over the last two weeks had written an introduction (as we encourage folks to do), we would have easily met the activity requirement without concern. With that said, if you have not yet written your own #introductions, please do so! We encourage folks to write something substantive, especially if you’re a creator (tell us more about what you make!) so that it’s easier for other community members to learn about who’s here with us and start new conversations.

That’s all for this week, thanks for joining us this week for our events, and thanks for listening!

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