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Live #140 & Fixing iOS Connection Issues


Written by LunarSpotlight
Monday, 20-May-24 22:44:02 UTC

gensokyo radio listeners may 2024

This week, we broadcast our 140th Live show on Gensokyo Radio, plus we continued to work on rearchitecting regional detection to address iOS connection issues. For more details, read on!

Live #140 brought on the full team of Lunar, Nano, DMJ654, and Xara for a story-filled episode where we talked about Gensokyo Radio’s recent appearance at TouhouFest 2024. This year, we participated as an exhibitor and said hi to many listeners and attendees, some of whom were around during the show to talk about their experiences during the show. You can read more about it in an earlier news post, or when the episode becomes available as a podcast.

We’ve also been working to address an issue with playback specific to certain browsers and devices. The issue occurs when a listener attempts to connect to the live audio stream and seems to be most prevalent on (but not limited to) iOS and Safari. These devices and programs are able to successfully connect when an alternative, less user-friendly URL is used, so we’re looking into changing the way internal redirect occurs for region-specific connections.

The changes we’re making are deeply technical, and we’ve been working daily to resolve this since we pushed a public post about our web app on May 12th. Members of our community in Discord have been able to help us test ahead of deployment, so thanks to those who have been involved.

That’s all for this week! We have website migration happening soon and we expect some turbulence with the website and api, but the station should remain up during the process, so stay tuned and thanks for listening!

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