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Live #129 Broadcast & Mobile Dev for v2 Begins


Written by LunarSpotlight
Monday, 26-Jun-23 21:33:59 UTC

This week, we broadcast Live #129 and began major work on the next version of our mobile application. For more details, read on!

First, an update on some new music that’s either soon to be on the station or already in the rotation. Here’s a short list of circles we’ve got something new from:

  • Akatsuki Records
  • KodamaSounds
  • Shibayan Records
  • YaboiMatoi
  • plus a compilation series from Toranoana which includes works from 50 circles

We continued our broadcast series with the 129th episode of Gensokyo Radio Live this past Saturday. DMJ and Lunar caught up with some of the most notable game releases and demos that have made their way to Steam since March. We also had a new segment which exercised our review and commentary muscles, plus it gave us an opportunity to play some music which doesn’t normally appear in the station’s rotation. With our podcast series for Live nearly caught up, this one should appear as a podcast within the next couple weeks along with last month’s episode.

In other news, we’re officially in active development on the next version of our mobile application. From a development perspective, this one takes a different approach and may enable us to publish to multiple platforms later on. The next version will aim to either solve or change some of the existing issues with v1 including Icecast compatibility (and subsequently song rating), issues with image loading, and other minor details. We hope to introduce a more streamlined system for listening to podcasts and the station, improvements to the new user experience, and an updated user interface.

In preparation for the mobile app, one of the things we’ll be working on is a change to how data is structured in our existing WebSocket system. This system is responsible for providing our website with real-time updates on our player page. Sometime within the next week, we’ll be pushing a few updates that may require website users to refresh the player or clear their browser’s cache in order to retrieve an updated version of the player. This change is being made to unify and simplify the way data is handled behind the scenes, and to make our existing system compatible with packages used during mobile development.

That’s all for this week! We appreciate you joining us during last weekend’s Live show, and thanks for tuning in to the station!

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