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To the Skies, to TouhouFest ‘23


Written by LunarSpotlight
Monday, 24-Apr-23 22:31:37 UTC

This week, our gear has shipped and we’re taking care of loose ends for our appearance at the inaugural TouhouFest in southern California! Plus, we held our 23rd stage event via Discord. For more details, read on.

Our 23rd Meetup event was attended by our full staff team and a handful of our Discord community members to help us brainstorm additional ideas, topics of conversation, events, and other activities that will keep us occupied at our first-ever full booth setup. We’ve designed our booth in a way which is modest yet fully featured to bring the sounds to both attendees and online listeners. While we won’t be selling anything directly, we will be posting a special event code for attendees to nab free shipping on our store as well as a box worth of giveaways for those who take part in our ongoing programming. We’ll also have some music CDs on-display to put a cap on our Parade of CDs series. If you’ll be in attendance, we hope you’ll stop by!

We’ll also have our first panel with full staff attendance at this event. Past panels have only had partial staff presence since we don’t live near one another and scheduling is tough, but this event gives us a unique opportunity for folks to hear from all of us directly. Plus, we’ll be setting aside significant time to field questions from the audience. A separate schedule of our planned timeline will be posted soon.

That’s all for this week. Stay tuned as the Parade of CDs series wraps up on our social channels, and we look forward to seeing you this weekend! Thanks for listening!

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