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Final Equipment Checks for TouhouFest 2023


Written by LunarSpotlight
Monday, 10-Apr-23 21:55:33 UTC

This week, we did some additional event prep work for TouhouFest coming up at the end of this month. For more details, read on.

If you’ve been following along with us during the Live shows and Meetups (provided you were there for the events themselves), you may be familiar with how we’ve chosen to put our system together as well as our rationale for why we chose to do it this way. We’ve put together a live audio system, figured out a way to transport equipment, and have a mostly put together idea of what our booth will look like pending amenities.

Though it may seem a bit early to be doing “final checks” on our setup, the reality is there’s a lot of lead time to account for in terms of receiving any last-minute items, packing them up here, and shipping them out to the event site. We’re about three weeks out yet, but equipment could spend a couple weeks in transit ahead of time either making its way to our studio or to our booth.

Our on-location broadcast setup will utilize wireless technology to maximize flexibility and enable our team to chat with more folks while we’re there. Some of the event’s guests will understandably be tied down to their tables as they tend to attendees and keep watch over their works. Believe it or not, this setup also helped us save money through avoiding the purchase of a dedicated preamp, a specialized piece of audio hardware, since our budget for this event is very limited.

With that said, a huge thank you goes out to all of our station members and enthusiast supporters who have helped us build up to this point. Aside from guest perks, this will be the single most expensive event we’ll have prepared for to-date. We’ve pooled together every last reserve for this event in the hopes that we can reach out to more fans and continue to be a force for good on behalf of independent artists in this space. From here forward, we’ll have a setup we can use at other future events as well as the experience to utilize it effectively.

We hope to be able to make at least something back through our presence at TouhouFest, but without on-location sales, we’ll still heavily rely on support from listeners via our Indigo membership program as well as store patrons. As a reminder, we have lots of music albums in our store these days, and we’ll be bringing additional albums plus a couple additional merch items out ahead of the event. Thank you for your support, and we hope to do our part to make TouhouFest the best event it can be!

Finally, we’ll be publishing an ideas form for folks who want to contribute chat and event ideas for our booth. Of course, we’ll have our own ideas lined up, but if you think you’ve got something unique to share, be on the lookout for our form via the #announcements channel in our Discord server.

That’s all for this week, thanks again for your support, and thanks for listening!

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