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Resuming Podcast Publishing


Written by LunarSpotlight
Monday, 24-Jun-24 23:06:24 UTC

This week, we continued working on station development, began working through our podcast backlog for Live, and we did both of these things during our ongoing dev stream marathon via Twitch! Plus, we’re getting closer to a pre-order for a couple new Gensokyo Radio T-shirt designs. For more details, read on.

It seems we’re always working on something station-related, but this week we’ve focused on a couple systems. One is an additional stream endpoint for Safari compatibility. Currently in testing, we’ve added a 5th endpoint using HLS, an adaptive bitrate endpoint using a protocol developed by Apple. This endpoint should (in theory) be more compatible with Apple devices, operating systems, and browsers, but so far test results have yielded mixed results. The endpoint is currently available in the web app to try out, though you won’t be able to rate songs using this endpoint yet.

The other system we’ve focused on is an update to listener logging to improve compatibility across a growing number of endpoints (like the aforementioned HLS endpoint) and stream locations. In order for listeners to be able to rate songs, we explicitly check for an active connection from users at the time of rating. For this to be possible, we use data provided by Icecast (the software listeners connect to when listening to our current production endpoints) to verify a listener is connected and allowed to submit a rating. This is different from favoriting a song or album which is allowed at any time by any user.

Finally, we’re getting back on track with our podcast release schedule. We already have podcasts starting to go out to LSM supporters via Patreon, but for everyone else, episodes will become available one week later on a Monday / Wednesday / Friday schedule. The first episode to be made public will be Live #130 this Friday.

That’s all for this week! Preorders for shirts will be available soon, tune in to the last days of our dev stream marathon, and thanks for listening!

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