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Lurkers Aplenty


Written by LunarSpotlight
Sunday, 12-Feb-23 22:04:25 UTC

This week, we continued pushing daily posts via our “Parade of CDs”, held a Discord Stage event to drum up activity, and updated the store. For more details, read on.

We’re two weeks into our “Parade of CD’s” series which means we’ve only just begun! For those unaware, we’re sharing one album every day until the start of TouhouFest at the end of April. We wanted to share the oft forgotten craft of album design as well as point people to where they might be able to find many of the works we’re sharing. Find the parade on our social feeds, subreddit, and Discord music forum.

On the topic of our web store, we’re continuing to update our listings over time this month with over 20 additional Touhou-related albums from new and existing circles including:

  • Alice’s Emotion
  • C.H.S
  • Demetori
  • Denkai Laboratory
  • Evergrace
  • Halozy
  • Higan Daybreak
  • Kissing the Mirror
  • Shoujo Fractal
  • Sister’s Spread-i
  • Sound Online
  • Yuuhei Satellite
  • & more

Halozy and Demetori are already up on the store, but check back soon for others!

Last year, we talked about server activity requirements when it comes to maintaining a healthy server by Discord’s metrics. When it comes to lurkers, we’ve got lots of them… too many, actually. Lurkers are generally a good thing: they keep tabs on what we’ve been up to, and some even support our efforts through our various campaigns. But in the eyes of Discord, having too many lurkers is not so good.

To be considered healthy, a server needs to hit a minimum threshold of 50 chatters and 100 visitors. We’re far above the threshold for the latter, but the number of active chatters has always walked close to the line. For the past 6 weeks, we’ve been below that threshold. We rallied some additional activity this week through a Stage event to simply chat with folks in a very chill environment, though that was likely not sufficient. As much as I try to avoid it, we’ll find out on Tuesday if I need to hit the big red button in a last effort to get our lurkers to help out once again.

After last year’s callout, we made multiple community-focused changes to edge towards being more creator centric while sustaining a strong sense of community involvement. We organized roles via a bot, and shortly after Discord came in with a first-party method of self-assigning roles. We think there’s a lot of talent in our server that should get to know one another better. Multiple music circles, artists, YouTubers, and creators from all around the world are in our server!

There’s an opportunity here for folks to get together and make something new, but our new spaces remain underutilized. Please consider checking out the forums if you haven’t yet, introduce yourself to other creators (if you’re one yourself), ask questions, make requests, and get to know more about us and other listeners in the community. We’re all music fans in a very niche space; you are among friends here.

That’s all for this week. Strike up a conversation with someone new today, and thanks for listening!

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