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Multi-Regional Service Now Available


Written by LunarSpotlight
Sunday, 19-Jun-22 20:05:43 UTC

This week, we focused on developing a new, multi-regional audio streaming network for our internet radio station. This was a heavily technical endeavor, but there are multiple benefits to this new system.

  • Multiple new servers are being deployed; listeners will be able to connect to “local” nodes based on their region.
  • Our infrastructure improves redundancy and incorporates a dual-stream backbone to each node with automatic failover, improving service availability.
  • Bandwidth capacity has been increased and provides a strong, scalable foundation for our upcoming lossless streaming service.
  • This new configuration reduces the amount of traffic through Cloudflare and avoids heavy ingress costs in the future.

This new system has already been partially deployed, and we’re watching traffic and load statistics to see how the network and our listeners are handling the switch. Right now, we have new nodes deployed in Asia and Europe, with a dedicated North American node forthcoming. We’ll also be moving our broadcast server to a different machine which should fully isolate our streaming traffic from our web traffic.

As previously mentioned, this work comes ahead of deploying our new lossless service. Improving the quality of our library has been ongoing, and these recent updates to our infrastructure lay the foundation for handling many multiple high-bandwidth audio streams. It also helps us step towards a proper high-availability system from which all of our users and listeners will benefit. Currently, the focus is on station-side availability improvements, but this will eventually extend to all of our services (web, API, etc).

Finally, our next Gensokyo Radio Live show will be on Saturday, June 25th. We’ll be talking more about our service improvements, playing new music (as usual), and we’ll finally spill the details about our lossless service including pricing and release date.

I hope to see you during Live next weekend, and thanks for listening!

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