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The Creator Meetup (#22) & Live at TouhouFest (#127)


Written by LunarSpotlight
Monday, 19-Jun-23 20:44:32 UTC

This week, we published two podcasts and held an additional Meetup event on our Discord server. For more information, read on.

We’re continuing to work through our podcast backlog with two new podcast releases this week. The first is Meetup #22: The Creator Meetup where we were able to invite an assortment of creators to introduce themselves, talk about what it is they do, and how our Discord community and our server’s dedicated spaces could help them in their respective creative processes. Some names in this Meetup episode include Megapig9001 (YouTube), Tsuba (Holmgang ov Gensokyo), IceWrenSolstice (Lowlands Blossom), JD of Paradise (Higan Daybreak), and others.

After that, we published Gensokyo Radio Live #127 at TouhouFest 2023 which gives a glimpse into what it was like to chat with folks at our booth during our guest appearance back in April. This was also the first episode where all of our active staff members were together in-person, albeit accompanied by loud stage music from a separate performance. We were able to catch up briefly with Mikotan, one of the primary event organizers, as well as DJ Koishi from Komeiji Records fame and actually hand microphones to both in-person.

This past Sunday, we held our 25th Meetup event titled “Booth Talk” where we went into detail about our experiences running a booth at TouhouFest. We covered it from an event-specific as well as a more general perspective so that listeners might be able to learn what they might expect should one consider running their own booth. A couple points we made during the talk include:

  • Bring a friend or two to help run the booth, and
  • Have a solid exit strategy, especially if you’re traveling.

Obviously, there’s a lot more to learn which you’ll be able to hear about when the event is published in the not too distant future.

Last, Discord provided final closure on our Partnership journey this past week as we officially converted to a public community server, albeit with legacy perks which will last as a result of our early partnership on the platform. As folks have seen, not much has changed with the way the server works. We still have an animated banner, a server invite splash screen, and high(er than usual)-quality audio for all of our voice channels. Part of this is the legacy stuff, but the other part comes from having a fully boosted server, so thanks to all of our regulars for doing what you’ve always done.

There are a couple things that weren’t mentioned last week, with one being the existence of a new Discord bot called “MetricMeter.” This is a custom bot developed by Lunar which is pretty simple: it keeps a running count of unique communicators per server so that server owners and mods can get a better idea of how their servers are performing day by day and week by week. For partnership metrics, Discord only provides an 8-week rolling average without hard numbers for each week. The reason why we were short on the 8th week is because we could only estimate how many communicators we needed for the week. We thought we would hit 51 for the average, but we instead hit 48. Given enough time, MetricMeter should provide some additional insight as to why that happened.

The other thing is that some folks may have noticed we didn’t hit the big red button and instead opted to reach out to folks who have signed up for alternate roles such as Event Ping for additional help. With two prior uses of the call to Everyone on our Discord server, it was clear our server didn’t have the natural level of activity we were looking for. Despite that, we’re always working to improve Gensokyo Radio’s service and community offerings, and we hope to grow server activity organically—not artificially—from here forward.

That’s all this week, thanks for joining us during this weekend’s Meetup, and thanks for listening!

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