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Live #125 with DJ Koishi / SnagType Studios


Written by LunarSpotlight
Monday, 20-Feb-23 22:27:28 UTC

This week, we caught up with DJ Koishi of Komeiji Records fame, pushed a big red button, and continued our parade of CDs. For more details, read on!

On Saturday, we broadcast Gensokyo Radio Live #125 and managed to snag DJ Koishi who many of our listeners will know from Komeiji Records. We realized how long it’s been since the last time we talked with them, so much of the show’s runtime was used to just chat and catch up. DJ Koishi is still making music independent of Komeiji Records and is part of a small game development company called “SnagType Studios.” If you missed it, you can catch the episode when it becomes available as a podcast.

Over the last couple weeks, we’ve been watching activity metrics in our Discord server to determine whether we needed to hit a certain big red button. It’s not a button we like hitting, but circumstances dictated it was time to do so. We called upon our numerous lurkers to help breathe some additional activity into our Discord server to maintain minimum requirements for partnership. We’ve been partnered for over 7 years at this point, and based on the response we saw, we should be in the clear. We won’t have official numbers until Tuesday though, so do check back for more information, as well as every week thereafter to ensure we don’t have to do this again! Thanks to all who helped us out last week.

Finally, our Parade of CDs continues with works from multiple circles including:

  • T.Piacere
  • Syrufit/Poplica*
  • Shoujo Fractal
  • C.H.S / T+pazolite
  • SoundOnline

In upcoming weeks, we’ll divert away from store-exclusive albums and dive into additional works from our broader collection. We may also begin to incorporate works which sit outside the realm of Touhou Project fan works, but to what degree remains to be determined.

Thanks again for your help this week, and thanks for listening!

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