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New Store Items, Album Publishing, & Top 100 Progress


Written by LunarSpotlight
Sunday, 08-Jan-23 21:28:24 UTC

This week, we added nearly two dozen additional albums to the store, continued working with artists to publish their works physically, and compiled a list of the top 100 Touhou songs of 2022. For more details, read on!

We’re continuing to work through several physical albums to make them available to listeners and fans. As noted in previous updates, we would like to focus on a more general set of “doujin” or independently created works. To that end, we’ve been able to add several albums related to multiple IPs including Touhou, Vocaloid, and several original works including a couple drama discs. You can explore all of them on our storefront right now, but here’s a list of Touhou-related circles we’ve made available so far:

- Alice Music
- EastNewSound
- Lila’c Records
- Minimum Electric Design (sold out at the time of writing)
- Poplica*
- Sister’s Spread-i
- Studio “Syrup Comfiture” (a.k.a. Syrufit)
- T.Piacere
- Tokyo Active NEET’s
- Y-Cubed
- Yumi Sakata
- Yuuhei Satellite

Additionally, after being unavailable for more than 2 years, we’ve finally brought back our GR Logo Coffee Mug! We’ve also priced it as a clearance item at over 50% off the original price. When we vaulted this item near the beginning of the pandemic due to logistics reasons, we had a bunch of people tell us they’d support during that time by buying a mug, and ironically that’s the only item we weren’t able to ship at that time. We expect to ship a decent chunk of our remaining inventory over the next few weeks. Find it and all of the above at https://Gensokyo.store.

Shifting gears to publishing, we’re continuing to work with multiple artists to bring their music albums into the physical realm through our indie publishing/production suite. Many folks will recognize Yumi Sakata’s album as the first we’ve published and placed on our store. That album is our first direct consignment item which means that the artist gets a major portion of each sale made through our storefront.

Our album production work can take two paths: one involves us selling an artist’s works in our store, and the other is a simple bulk order which we ship out to an artist for them to do the rest. Whichever route an artist decides to take, we’re excited to work with artists and help bring their creativity to life.

With the beginning of a new year brings another complete set of song ratings from listeners on Gensokyo Radio, and another Top 100 list and video in the making. This is something we’ve produced every year for the past several years, and we’re aiming to have these available for 2022 within the next week. Stay tuned for a premiere via our YouTube channel (https://youtube.com/c/GensokyoRadio) and an accompanying list in the near future. Consider subscribing so you don’t miss when it goes up.

Finally, web app development is slow but continuing. This time of the year usually brings additional work with the Top 100 list, but store and publishing have cut down on available work time considerably, so this is something that will be ramped up once the other work settles down. So far, we’ve set up a collaboration space but have yet to add collaborators or a repo for others to dig into. Documentation is another aspect of this project which will add overhead at first, but will hopefully help to speed things along once we have others helping with development. As this is the first collaborative project we’re putting out, we hope our listeners will bear with us during this time. We hope to have multiple new ways to listen to the station become available as a result of this work, so it should be well worth the wait.

Don’t forget to check out what’s new on our store, and thanks for listening!

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