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Sounding the Alarm for Discord


Written by LunarSpotlight
Sunday, 02-Oct-22 21:30:49 UTC

This week, we called upon our community, and our community answered.

In an effort to restore satisfactory statistics and sustain our Discord server’s partnership status, we sounded the alarm, pushed the big red button, and put together an itinerary of events for this week to encourage more activity in the short-term. We ran a couple community-gaming events, a music request block, and two town hall events to pull in as many server members from different time zones as we could.

The town hall events were opportunities to talk openly with our community about the changes we’re making to foster more meaningful activity in the long-term, and to make clear our long-term objectives and explain how these changes fall in-line with upcoming structural changes. We’ll highlight them below for those who were unable to attend:

Structural Changes
Integrate a bot which can help with role-based channel access: This will help reduce channel count and allow members to better customize their experience on our server.
Setup forums for select topic areas: forums will cover core areas as well as better define topics of conversation, making it easier for future members to search for and find information.

General Goals
Make our server a space for collaboration: We already have several music artists on our server from the east and west. There’s a lot of talent here, and we’d like to help bring that talent together for the benefit of everyone.
Help artists get their works out: We can offer extended services to creators looking to publish their works, continue making previously published works available, and help the west to better adhere to ZUN’s existing policies around distribution.
Connect fans with artists: Both types of users are already in our server, so we’d like to help facilitate a better line of communication between these two groups. Artists can announce their works, share WIPs, and get feedback. Fans can chat with artists, keep up with their favorites over time, and support them on their journeys.

For those unaware, forums are a new type of channel on Discord which allow topics to be tagged with predefined categories to help segment subjects within a larger area of focus. For us, our core areas will be Music, Games, Station, and Feedback. Music will cover things related to circle information, release announcements, song and artist discussions, etc. Games will cover the wide assortment of official games, fangames, and anything else our community is interested in (so not just Touhou-related games). Station will contain staff-started posts and cover events, podcasts/broadcasts, store, and development-related topics. Feedback will cover things such as community questions, bug reports, requests, and more related to all areas our team is involved in.

There will also be a fifth role-gated area, Creators, which will focus on meeting our collaboration and distribution goals. This will be intended primarily for various creative types (visual artists, musicians, programmers, writers, etc) as a space to learn, grow, and work together.

Finally, thank you to all who stopped by this week and attended an event, we won’t know for sure how we did until Tuesday (when weekly insight numbers drop), so stop by again this week to see how we did, and thanks for listening!

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