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Heavy Editing Week & Web App Research Continues


Written by LunarSpotlight
Sunday, 24-Jul-22 21:02:08 UTC

This week, most of our time went into editing the two events from last weekend (Live #118 and Meetup #14) as well as a re-edit of our third Meetup event for YouTube.

In general, Live shows are edited within a day or two of being broadcast, and the same goes for our Meetup events. With both events happening during the same weekend, editing extended into the week and pushed back our early release schedule slightly for Patreon supporters. Once those were out, we were able to start re-editing Meetup #3 for upload on YouTube as part of our ongoing initiative to add the Meetup series in video format to our YouTube channel.

Under normal circumstances, we’re aiming to publish episodes around Wednesday every week until YouTube episodes are caught up. This week, we simply could not meet that schedule while also fulfilling patron benefits and external obligations, so the third episode will instead become available today (Sunday). This also means we’ll be editing Meetup #4 as soon as #3 is published.

We’ll be adding a few new items to our store soon including a GR baseball cap (or “dad hat”, they’re the same thing…right?), an Indigo snapback, and an Indigo T-shirt. We shared these last weekend, so you can poke around our Discord server to get a sneak peek of how these turned out (they’ve also been on a couple of our social channels).

Work on the web app remains in the research phase, but we hope to start development in August. There are a couple approaches we’re investigating, but ultimately the goal is to be able to develop an app which can benefit users on both Android and iOS. The time required to develop this project will depend on the approach we end up using, but we hope to have something available by the end of autumn.

That’s it for this week. Tune in for more news soon, thank you to our new Indigo members, and thanks for listening!

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