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New Shirt Variants & Shifting Focus to Lossless


Written by LunarSpotlight
Sunday, 05-Jun-22 21:14:26 UTC

This week, we worked on something which has been requested by many of our listeners since we opened our e-store: Women’s T-shirts! We are in the process of sampling and will likely make these new versions available very soon as pre-order items on our store. To start out, we’ve converted our “Touhouette” series to the color set that’s available for these shirts, resulting in colors that are less saturated and more “spring-like”.

Aside from the colors, the main differences are related to the cut and sizing of the fabric. We have offered women’s sizes/variants in the past, but up to this point, the requirement was that one would need to order during the pre-order phase of a product release. In the past, it hasn’t been economically viable to keep stock on hand or to order a separate batch, but that changes with this new addition. Look for more information later this week regarding pre-orders.

In other news, there is exactly one month remaining (at the time of posting) to complete as much work as we can before progress on GR and related projects will slow down again. Because of this, we’ll be shuffling priorities around to focus on lossless during the first half of June, and the web app during the second half of June.

April will be sidelined as an occasional goto from here forward. After getting ahead with developing April this week, we’ve found more work that needs to be done to get it functional, and at this point it is taking too much development time away from everything else. It remains a goal to release this in due time, but unfortunately as a small team, we just don’t have the capacity to take this on and meet our other project goals for this spring and summer. We look forward to getting back to this when our other commitments have been better met.

With that said, we will be focusing on the development and integration of lossless into the station. There’s a fairly tight timeline with this project considering how we’ve set up priorities this month. Our plan is to push a heavy batch of library updates over the next couple weeks, and develop the needed integrations to make this functionality available to users. As a side-effect, we’ll likely be adding more new music to the station over the next couple weeks, including works from C99 and the latest Reitaisai. This service will also be using a membership model to help sustain the service, support the station’s development, enable us to continue making larger music purchases, and more. More details will be made available soon.

That’s all for this week, stick around for more news about shirts and lossless, and thanks for listening!

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