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Introducing Indigo


Written by LunarSpotlight
Sunday, 26-Jun-22 20:56:20 UTC

This week, we broadcast Gensokyo Radio Live #117 where we played new music from the most recent Comiket (C99) and Reitaisai events, talked about the newest Touhou fan games to hit Steam as well as related games discounted during the Steam Summer Sale, and introduced “Indigo” by Gensokyo Radio. All of the music played during this event was from 2020 or newer, and you can find a list of new music in last week’s news post.

We also continued to work on our multi-regional streaming network. A couple listeners pointed out some potential compatibility issues with Firefox (related to cross-origin resource sharing), and these were promptly addressed and fixed. To summarize overall, we moved from a single-server system to a multi-server, multi-regional system which will allow listeners to connect to a geographically closer endpoint. This allows us to deploy additional servers and increase system bandwidth where needed, opens up scalability, and improves system availability.

We’ve also deployed this system in a way which allows listeners to continue using the existing endpoints (found at https://stream.gensokyoradio.net). This means that existing applications and station listings (e.g. TuneIn) do not need to be updated to take advantage of our new network (provided an application is using the stream endpoints at the URL previously mentioned). This makes it seamless for listeners and developers alike.

Finally, during our Live show, we introduced Indigo, Gensokyo Radio’s upcoming membership program. Indigo will provide multiple functional and cosmetic perks for members while helping to support Gensokyo Radio’s continued development and growth. Notably, members will have access to our new lossless (FLAC) streaming endpoint, where listeners can enjoy the best quality audio stream we’re capable of providing.

Indigo memberships will become available on July 1st for the very reasonable price of $4.99/mo. This price is on-par with existing membership programs such as Twitch subscriptions, while also providing higher quality audio than existing platforms (Spotify Premium @ 320kbps for $9.99/mo, or TIDAL lossless for $9.99/mo). Combined with the fact that our service is a radio station and not on-demand, we believe this is an excellent value for this type of service, and we hope to welcome you to Indigo in the near future!

To be completely clear, Gensokyo Radio will always be available to listeners for free. Indigo is an elective membership program and will never be required to listen to our radio station.

That’s all for this week, come back next week to hear about the last full development week this season, and thanks for listening!

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