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Rotation Update, Song info Bugfixes, & April Project Update


Written by LunarSpotlight
Sunday, 29-May-22 20:48:37 UTC

This week, we added more music to the rotation, worked on a couple bug fixes, and continued working through the April project.

Stationside, we added music from last week’s list which included 14 circles. We also added two albums from Violet Delta including “東方Gensokyo Party” which was released 6 months ago. We’ll continue working through our physical backlog to add new music and update existing albums.

We spent some time working through an issue regarding in-stream metadata and lagging information. When our station switched over to Icecast last year, several things changed about how information gets passed around including song information, new connections, sweepers, etc. Initially, there were a couple oddities to figure out with in-stream metadata: one was related to how the scheduler relays information to our broadcast server software, and the other was related to a potential issue with audible blips when updates were pushed (something which had also happened with SHOUTcast at some point).

The issue we addressed this week was related to how live song information would lag behind by one song on both the in-stream metadata as well as our Discord webhook for the #music-history channel (with the Now Playing and History pages being unaffected). To fix this, we needed to push the processes for manual metadata updates and the Discord webhook updates further back in the data propagation process list. The result is that in-stream information and Discord history updates are pushed in line with the actual current song.

The April project has been mentioned here and there since, well, before April actually. This project initially was slated to occupy about three weeks of development time, but has instead taken closer to three months. Updates have continued to be pushed for Gensokyo Radio and supporting services, but the focus on April has certainly delayed other GR projects related to the web app, lossless streaming, and mobile development. Thankfully, the integration work on April is nearing the debug and testing phase. Once the project is at this point, we’ll reveal more about what this project even is, and why we’ve been prioritizing it above other work.

Lastly, the latest episode of Gensokyo Radio Live (#116) will be available by the end of the day today, so if you missed out last weekend, you can catch it via our website as well as wherever you listen to podcasts. That’s all for this week, stay tuned for more news, and thanks for listening!

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