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Meetup #12: "App Dev is..." & GR Classic Hoodies on Sale


Written by LunarSpotlight
Monday, 16-May-22 21:48:34 UTC

This week, we had our 12th Meetup event via Discord Stages. During the event, we dove into our experiences with building a mobile app for Gensokyo Radio, from the initial interest posed by our community, to its current state and future plans. If you missed out, it will be made available in podcast form about a week from today via our website and other podcast listing platforms.

Our “Gensokyo Radio Classic Hoodies” have exited pre-order status and are now available for general sale! At this point, all pre-orders are either in the process of being shipped or have already been shipped. Additionally, all American Apparel stock has been exhausted (this was a free pre-order only upgrade). Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered!

That’s it for this week! Spring semester is complete which means there’s a boatload of work ahead of us, so stay tuned for more activity and updates, and thanks for listening!

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