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Gensokyo Radio Live #19 Playlist
LunarSpotlight  2014/04/05

By popular request, here's a list of the songs we played during our presentation of Gensokyo Radio Live #19 on April 4th, 2014. Tonight's show also had a lot more talking sections in it compared to past Live shows, so there are fewer songs to report here. Most background songs were from various O-Life Japan albums, from the Toho Bossa Nova albums, or from the album "Future Love Instrumental" by Halozy.

Hosted by: LunarSpotlight
Co-hosts: Sonicmega, DMJ654, NanoSatellite, Auritribe
Guest: PTR Whatever

1. [Intro]
Title: on(introduction)
Artist: nagi☆
Album: blue drop
Circle: Sync Art's

Title: The Rise and Fall
Artist: 3L
Album: デジハロ NEXUS
Circle: DiGiTAL WiNG+Halozy

Title: black destiny (kana summervibes remix)
Artist: なつみ
Album: vermillion summer
Circle: Silver Forest

Title: seventh soul kana remix
Artist: アキ
Album: 永き夜のロンドⅱ
Circle: Silver Forest

Title: Have a good Trip!
Artist: izna
Album: Unleashed
Circle: IZMIZM

6. [Request]
Title: Crumbling
Artist: Vivienne
Album: Grow Color
Circle: FELT

7. [Request]
Title: メイガスナイト ~ Frenzy Night
Artist: Demetori
Circle: Demetori

8. [Request]
Title: 月に叢雲華に風
Artist: senya
Album: 月に叢雲華に風
Circle: Yuuhei Satellite

9. [Request]
Title: Fall in the Dark
Artist: yana
Album: マジコカタストロフィ - Magico Catastrofe
Circle: Shibayan Records

10. [From our Anime Boston Panel]
Title: sweet home
Artist: 仲篠田 むぎ
Album: spark! -スパーク-
Circle: K2 Sound / C-Clays

11. [BG Music]
Title: モザイクディスコ
Artist: 古川未鈴
Album: Starry Presto
Circle: Halozy

12. [BG Music]
Title: 月齢11.3のキャンドルマジック
Artist: 3L
Album: ココロバイブレーション
Circle: Shibayan Records

13. [Ending]
Title: Beautiful Dreams
Artist: Maurits'禅'Cornelis + Tim Vegas
Album: eclipse II
Circle: Hateuneteumiko's

Thanks for listening! ~