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Song Rankings Now Available
LunarSpotlight  2012/10/12

Another new feature has been made available at Gensokyo Radio: Song Rankings.

With over 3,000 ratings received from users, the Song Ranking system has been put together and can be found in the Ratings & Comments section. This feature tells listeners how the song currently playing is ranked among the songs we play. It also lists the two songs ranked above and below the current song.

Believe it or not, less than a third of all songs in the station's library have been rated. Among the songs that have received ratings, there's a lot of songs that have only been rated once or twice. So, you might be wondering how the songs are ranked with how most songs have a low amount of user ratings.

First, songs that have received ratings are the only songs that are ranked; all other songs are not available in the system. After that, the rating average obviously plays a strong role in ranking, but after that, there's a number of factors that are considered. The number of rankings received, the number of times a song has been played, general song popularity, and a few other things are put into the equation before rankings are given. I won't divulge the exact formula used, but in essence, it tries to determine the best placement of songs in ranked order with the information we have about each song. Finally, rankings are currently updated every 15 minutes.

This feature isn't as interactive as some other things we've come up with, but on the other hand, the listeners are the ones that determine what songs show up where in the rankings, so it should still be relevant to listeners that are curious about what people think about the music we play. We certainly think it's interesting, anyway.

As a last note, the next GensokyoRadio Live show will be on October 26th, where we'll play some of the highest rated music in October, as well as some music which will hit the GensokyoRadio library in November.

Thanks for listening~