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Podcast Catch-up & New Circles Now in Stock


Written by LunarSpotlight
Sunday, 12-Mar-23 19:35:00 UTC

This week, we added three additional circles to the store and continued the parade of CDs. For more information, read on!

Our online store saw albums from four circles added to the store, with three new circles. These include:

  • Cis-Trance
  • Evergrace
  • Birdtune
  • Sister’s Spread-i (existing)

At this point, our backlog of Touhou-related music albums has been eliminated, though we will have at least four additional albums coming in April from Higan Daybreak. We also have a couple Touhou-related games that we need to evaluate before making them available, plus we have a handful of independent / doujin works including some from familiar circles who have also published Touhou-related works.

The parade of CDs has marched on for 6+ weeks now. All of our posts are available across multiple platforms, but I would like to remind folks that these are available via our subreddit at r/gensokyoradio (now open to the public). We’re sharing lots of high-quality photos of albums to showcase their design work and show folks the physical side of music in an overwhelmingly digital landscape.

Finally, Live #124 (Jan 2023) will be made public shortly, and we’re working through post-production of three other podcasts between Live and Meetup. We’re tentatively planning a double weekend next weekend for Live and Meetup this month, so stay tuned for official announcements via social, and thanks for listening! :birthday:

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