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Parade of CDs, Week 5


Written by LunarSpotlight
Monday, 06-Mar-23 23:27:41 UTC

This week, we kept up with our ongoing Parade of CDs series which included 6 albums exclusively from our collection and 1 available on our store. In case you aren’t already aware, we’re posting one album daily until the start of TouhouFest in April, and you can find the series on Discord, Twitter, Reddit (r/gensokyoradio), Facebook, and Instagram. Here are the albums from this week:

  • Day #29: Metallical Astronomy by SOUND HOLIC
  • Day #30: EXSERENSES by Alstroemeria Records
  • Day #31: “Something for you” by 556mm
  • Day #33: Former Frontier 3rd Germinate by Seventh Heaven MAXION
  • Day #34: TOHO BOSSA NOVA 9 by Shibayan Records
  • Day #35: ORANGE NOSTALGIA by Sister’s Spread-i

We featured some CDs that combine print and silver unprinted areas to create different effects. We saw this in Metallical Astronomy’s title, SUGOIALBUM’s background to make the character art really stand out, and ORANGE NOSTALGIA’s title and leaf design. I’m actually not sure what this combination method of printing is called, but the way Youmu stands out against the silver CD is really unique among our collection so far.

We also have just one album from this week’s set available in-store, and that’s the album from Sister’s Spread-i with IRON-CHINO who makes a guest appearance on four tracks for that one. In case you haven’t heard of that circle, the primary contact for Sister’s Spread-i, minusiyon, is currently a member of IRON ATTACK, so it’s not surprising to see these two circles collide.

Beyond the parade, our staff had very little bandwidth for anything else due to high external workload. Thanks for your continued support this week, and thanks for listening!

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