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GR Live #116 & Callout for Volunteers


Written by LunarSpotlight
Sunday, 22-May-22 19:06:53 UTC

This week, we had our 116th episode of Gensokyo Radio Live titled “Happenings”, and the title lived up to its name in more ways than one! During this broadcast, we featured some of the music from our most recent batch of music to hit the station. Our latest batch includes new and updated music from the following circles:

Hakurei Shrine Office
Iron Attack
K2 Sound
Love Machine
O-Life Japan
Ooedo Express Mail
Shishimai Brothers
Silver Forest
Sync Art’s

Speaking of music, we’ve finalized our latest purchase order which will include new releases from Reitaisai and C99. Depending on shipping duration, these will begin to be featured during Gensokyo Radio Live shows in June or July, and brought into the station’s rotation a minimum of six months after their respective release dates (in-line with our existing policies).

As a reminder, the convention season is in full swing and we have postcards ready to go! This year, we’re bringing back a tradition we began in 2012 with informational postcards/handouts featuring original artwork by ThatPebble on high-quality, oversized cardstock. If you’re heading out to a convention or event this year and want to help out, let a member of our staff team know and we’ll send some your way!

Finally, if you missed out last weekend, our most recent Meetup event is now available in podcast form! Learn more about what our experience with mobile application development has been like over the years and where we’re going next by listening to this podcast via our website or wherever podcasts are found.

GR Live #116 will be available next weekend for those who missed it, and as always, thanks for listening!

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