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Live #115 + Red & White Reimu T-Shirts Now Available


Written by LunarSpotlight
Sunday, 17-Apr-22 19:23:26 UTC

This week, we had our 115th episode of Gensokyo Radio Live where we went back to the old way of doing shows: with less documentation and more emergent conversation. It was fun getting back to it while also keeping some of our staple topics on hand with new games and music among others.

Speaking of new music, we have some entries this week from new and existing circles including:

Pizuya’s Cell
Shibayan Records

On the store front, we have met our goal of restocking all Touhouette shirts this week plus more. You can now find two of our most in-demand shirts back in stock: our Digital Miko and Touhouette series Reimu shirts! Formerly the “Cardinal Reimu” shirt, this product has been renamed to the “Red & White Reimu” shirt to reflect a color change which needed to happen in order to keep it available.

Also new this week, the Digital Miko shirt is available on two shirt types: the original “Gildan Heavy Cotton” as well as the “Bella + Canvas” shirts we currently print all of our other designs on. The Bella + Canvas shirts do have a markup to reflect the more premium material, but we’ll be making the original type available as well for a limited time. We’ve also reduced the base price of the 2XL size but increased the item weight to set this item in line with the others in terms of expected shipping costs.

Our latest Meetup event (#11: The Games We Play) is now publicly available in podcast form! If you missed it last weekend, you can now tune in at your convenience via our website as well as wherever you listen to podcasts.

Finally, we’ll be starting a pre-order of our first Gensokyo Radio hoodie design this week. We’re still pending a couple additional samples from our provider, but we’re confident at this point that we’ll be moving forward with this design. If you’ve been waiting to bundle the hoodie with another product to save on shipping, you’ll be able to do once hoodies become available on our store page. Any orders with a preorder item will be held until all items are available to be shipped in order to save on shipping costs.

That’s all for this week! Stick around for some soft cookies hoodies fresh out of the oven, and thanks for listening!

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