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A More Gradual Rotation & A New Short-Term Project


Written by LunarSpotlight
Sunday, 13-Mar-22 18:09:41 UTC

This week, we made some adjustments to the station’s rotation to decrease the frequency of recently added songs. This was done so that new songs are better dispersed throughout the rotation in cases where many new songs are added all at once. We still have several albums pending, so this change will help fold new material in with existing songs more gradually.

We also spent some time working on the foundational aspects of a new short-term project which we can’t yet talk about. This project will last through the end of March. While we can’t say much more, our aim is to publish something novel which we hope will be used by many users for at least a little while. If its popularity holds for longer than that, we might have another project that rivals the use, complexity, and support routine that Gensokyo Radio currently has. Look forward to it!

For those who have been waiting for store items to be restocked, we will be implementing some changes with our online store to accommodate a new process for handling store orders. Most of these changes will be behind the scenes, and there will likely be some minor adjustments to our pricing model on some products, but we’ll do what we can to minimize these changes. To make restocking some items possible, product colors may need to be adjusted slightly, and we’ll post a notice on affected products. Our aim is to have out-of-stock items available again the first half of this coming week.

Don’t forget, our updates are now posted via our website and forum board in addition to Discord, so send any questions and comments our way, and we’ll get back to you. As always, thanks for listening!

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