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New Product Samples & GR Meetups on Google Podcasts + TuneIn


Written by LunarSpotlight
Sunday, 13-Feb-22 20:16:00 UTC

This week, we received our latest batch of product samples from a new provider. This is part of our effort to find a solution to keeping products listed as “in-stock”. As many of you already know, our store process usually goes through a cycle of “pre-order sale” → “extra stock sale” → “sold out for months or even years before the next pre-order”. Figuring out how to keep items in-stock will enable more of our listeners and fans to nab some cool shirts and other items outside of the limited sale windows we’ve historically had.

With that said, this latest batch samples three of our four Touhouette-series shirts, and overall we’re relatively pleased with the result! There are some minor scaling issues that we can adjust, and the colors vary slightly since we weren’t able to source the exact same brand and color of shirts, but this is likely a fair trade-off for being able to keep these items in stock over time. The print quality is better than the first sample we received, but also different from the originals since the print processes used are different (screen printing versus direct-to-garment). The turnaround time was reasonable given current events affecting virtually every industry in the chain leading up to this result. We’re getting closer!

Our most recent Meetup event is now available as a podcast on our website. Additionally, you can find episodes of Gensokyo Radio Meetup on Google Podcasts and TuneIn, with more platforms in progress. Currently, there is an issue with how Meetup is listed on Google Podcasts where it is using an old feed. We provided them with the “meetup” feed, but it’s pulling info from the old “discordstages” feed (which we’ve never provided to them), so¯\_(ツ)_/¯. We have an active ticket with their support team since the issue isn’t something we’re able to fix.

Finally, we’re working on reconfiguring some things studio-side. One of our audio components, an audio compressor, died right before last weekend’s Meetup event. We had to improvise a bit, and our audio quality suffered slightly for it. Thanks to support from listeners like you, we were able to quickly get this replaced with a new unit, and we’ll have this ready for use by next weekend which the next GR Live show is tentatively scheduled for. Watch for the official announcement in the coming days.

That’s all for this week. Don’t forget to join us for our next Live show, and thanks for listening!

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