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Ingest for Latest and Largest Batch of Music & Product Samples


Written by LunarSpotlight
Sunday, 16-Jan-22 22:57:00 UTC

This week, we received our largest batch of music to date and have begun the process of digitizing and ingesting music both new and old. This process will require a significant amount of time to complete, and will result in new music from new and existing circles becoming available in our regular rotation. Look forward to periodic updates over the coming months.

Yesterday, we broadcast our 112th episode of Gensokyo Radio Live. This time around, we brought some of the aforementioned new music along to preview from circles like Blankfield, Hatsunetsumiko’s, Amateras Records, and others. We also covered a boatload of new games on Steam, including new releases from late November up to now. Additionally, we summarized some of the items talked about during last weekend’s Meetup event and gave an update on our progress around product testing.

Speaking of, we received a product sample from a new (to us) print shop to compare print quality to some of our existing store products. The goal is to find a way to fill in the “sold out” items in our shop while still providing a good quality product at a good value. That said, the print quality of the sample was different from our existing products, but not bad. DMJ654, a music reviewer and co-host on Gensokyo Radio’s programs, noted differences in gaps between ink prints, and this can be attributed to different levels of thickness in the ink. Moving forward, we’ll continue to look for at least a couple additional samples from other providers before making a decision. Finding a provider to help fill in gaps may also allow us to provide types of shirts that would otherwise be difficult to fulfill during a typical pre-order such as less common sizes and women’s shirts.

Our 8th Meetup is now available in podcast form via our website, so go check that out at your convenience if you missed out last weekend. Other than that, winter break is winding down but we’ll continue to work through the items we’ve discussed over the last few weeks. As always, thanks for listening!

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