Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Gensokyo Radio community!


These guidelines are written to help maintain the quality of our community, and to provide a source of knowledge for both listeners and members of our community who choose to participate in the more social, interactive element of Gensokyo Radio via means such as our chat channels, games, events, and other community gatherings.

To help make it easier, these guidelines have been organized so that they may be used as both a general guide for those who want to learn more about expectations, and as a quick reference guide to help staff and moderators educate members on a case-by-case basis.

Social Expectations

Things that are Not Allowed

Things that are Allowed

Listener Expectations
Areas of Application

As a member of our community, these guidelines will generally apply in the following areas:

Administrative Resources

Persons with authority include those who are part of Station Staff (S. Staff), Community Staff (C. Staff), or Moderator (Mod) groups. To a certain degree, members of these groups maintain access to the following abilities with the purpose of maintaining the quality of our community:

Persons with Authority

Station Staff members are listed in yellow and are the top authority members in channels such as Discord. They are followed by Community Staff members who are listed in blue, and Moderators who are listed in green. These persons are allowed to deal with cases as they see fit. Cases may be reviewed by staff as needed.

If you aren't able to contact either through our regular chat channels, please visit our Contact page to get in touch with a staff member.

Participation in any of the areas listed above signifies your acceptance of these guidelines.

Updated 09/09/2016