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Shows & Live Broadcasts

Gensokyo Radio Live

Gensokyo Radio Live is the premiere monthly live broadcast on Gensokyo Radio, covering new music, listener-rated music, and a multitude of topics ranging from Touhou and Japanese culture, to Virtual Reality and Gaming.

The Review Podcast (Title Pending)

The Review Podcast is Gensokyo Radio's first production built from the ground up as a podcast and is hosted by DMJ654 and Xara. Hear them talk about some of the newest albums covering a wide range of genres, and get recommendations for some great music from the community.

Stage 5

Stage 5, where the backstage takes center stage, is a show which flips things around and is comprised of mostly talking with a few song segments inbetween. Get to know the staff better with these shows, and listen in during various self-imposed challenges live on-air.

DMJ's Hangout

DMJ's Hangout provides a different listening environment where one will find heavier, more rock and metal-oriented music.