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"TOHO R&B HOUSE Party Vol.2" by Halozy


Written by DMJ654
Thursday, 06-Feb-14 10:35:00 UTC


I have been really getting into some Touhou Music as of late. I needed to grab several albums at a time to not only have a bunch of music to listen to that is fresh, but also to have a bunch of new material to review. (So many albums, so little time). I am sorry for this gap between reviews, but here it is.

For “TOHO R&B HOUSE Party Vol.2”, I chose it because I thought “R&B” would be perfect to review for Valentine’s Day. Expecting something along the lines of “It’s You” mix by Tim Vegas (and those vocals Ark Brown belts out [give me more of that please]), instead I got one of my favorite albums I have reviewed this year. This is a combination of R&B, club, dub, and house, which sends chills down my spine. If I owned a dance club, this album would defiantly be on the DJs playlist.

There is so much complexity throughout the album, every song is refreshing. It is nothing to do with the beat, melody or any of that but, it is the technical details. Take the song “Can You Feel My Love”. It is just amazing. The duet between Takahito “Rute” Koshida and Aki sends chills down my spine. It is well done. This song is easily my favorite mix of “U.N. Owen” since East New Sound. Or take “Dance×3” where the acoustic guitar breaks the upbeat dance portions of the song. All I can imagine when this song is on is a dance floor filled with people just jumping with the chorus kicks in. Things like that really impress me. This is easily in this years top ten albums list for me, and I guarantee it will be for you.

This album is all kinds of awesome and I recommend it to those who want something nice to sit down and jam to. “TOHO R&B HOUSE Party Vol.2” is an album that will defiantly refresh your musical palette around every turn. When you navigate through some of the most well thought out arranges the Touhou Music Universe has to offer, you forget you are listening to music and think you are elsewhere. If you have not picked up anything else by Halozy, I would recommend “Tonic Triangle” and “Crescendo Planet,” two of my favorites, along with this one. You will not be disappointed.

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