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"An Aya Christmas EP" by Komeiji Records


Written by DMJ654
Tuesday, 24-Dec-13 18:00:00 UTC

Alright, it is Christmas time, so that means Christmas music time. Now Normally, I would just play my Christmas playlist on Youtube and call that good enough. I would sit and enjoy my music by all the big names out there in the Touhou universe. But there is one guy out there that gets very little credit for what he does and SELDOM gets mentioned here on the page, which I see is a crime.

When I asked for people to post download links to stuff from Comiket, James Lee, AKA Komeiji Records posted a link to his bandcamp and lo and behold, a Christmas album. Not just anyone Christmas album, “An Aya Christmas” album. I quickly snached it up and started to listen. It has a little of everything for everyone. It has those Christmas tunes you all know and love, like, "Dashing Through the Snow"and “Jingle Bells” mixed with “Nuclear Fusion” in “Nuclear Fueled Fireplace.” It has great Acoustic arranges featured in the amazing title track “Aya Christmas.” And, in Komeiji Records fashion, great electronica like “Elegant Ice Maiden” and “Komeiji House Party.”

This album is a MUST HAVE for the Christmas Day. I will be jamming to it for sure, and you better as well. If you have not heard of Komeiji Records, and listened to ANY of DJ Satori, or DJ Koishi work. Please, while you are on his Bandcamp, download their whole library, because I have. This is surely able to fight against anything coming out at Comiket this year and really might give them a run for their money.

If you want the Album it is free on their Bandcamp.

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