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TouhouFest 2024 Complete!


Written by LunarSpotlight
Tuesday, 30-Apr-24 22:20:08 UTC

This week, we prepared for and attended TouhouFest’s 2nd annual event! For more details, read on.

Gensokyo Radio attended TouhouFest 2024 with a booth located in the community tables section of the convention. We had the opportunity to meet and chat with many music fans, plus we got to talk about the music we play and what we have on our web store. We heard from many who have tuned in to our radio station in the past during school study sessions, with friend groups, and during road trips.

We were able to attend multiple musical performances, including the first appearance of Odyssey and A-One on-stage at the same time! Also joining the roster this year were Shihori, Renko, and TAMusic, and all of them brought electric performances in their respective crafts. At present, there is nowhere else in the western hemisphere with this level of presentation when it comes to fan-focused performances dedicated to the Touhou Project community.

For our part, it was an honor being part of the event and bringing what we could to TouhouFest this year. Hearing from those in attendance has helped us realize our impact on the community. There were a few visitors to our table that told us about how Gensokyo Radio has helped improve their mood or got them through tough times in the past. I even got to speak to Renko of Orange Jam for the second time since 2017, and she directly thanked me for the work I’ve done through Gensokyo Radio. In her words, we’ve supported the community and have helped make an impact on artists in this space, and hearing that feedback face-to-face with an artist fills my heart with joy and makes me more determined to continue the work I’ve done through this radio station over the past 12+ years.

To all those who stopped by our table, chatted with us, and gave us feedback, I want to sincerely thank you for your continued support of us, as we hope to continue supporting this creative community through our work and in our own way.

That’s all for this week! It’ll be hard to top this one for a while, but we’ll keep working on things over time and hope to bring more to all artists and listeners out there. Thanks for listening!

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