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Touhouette Series - Red & White Reimu T-Shirt


Get ready to take down some youkai in one of the first shirts from Gensokyo Radio's new "Touhouette" series.

The style of this series takes after the classic silhouette commercials from a certain well-known technology company, as well as the well-known Bad Apple silhouette music video, and puts a music enthusiast's spin on characters from the series.

Designed in collaboration with NanoSatellite, this shirt features Reimu Hakurei posing with her modestly sized gohei, ready to take on whatever incident comes her way while (probably) listening to some fan-arranged boss battle theme on Gensokyo Radio.

*Formerly printed on Next Level Apparel, now printed on Bella + Canvas T-shirts. Color is red, not cardinal (dark red).

- Screen-printed on a Bella + Canvas T-Shirt
- 100% cotton
- Small Gensokyo Radio Logo printed on upper back